4×4 End of the World viewpoints and Badlands of Fardes and Alhama Rivers. Granada´s Geopark 1/2 day


This route, full of geological and human history, starts from Guadix and takes us through Paulenca to the End of the World Viewpoints where we can observe and understand how the great valleys of Olla de Guadix and Geopark was modelled. We will descend to the valley of the river Alhama where the villages mark the road from Julia Gemella Acci to Iliberis, we will visit the  Marchal Gullies Natural Monument with its impressive formations and later we will visit the Fortresses in Covarrones Cave and Tía Micaela in Cortes, B.I.C. closed to the public where will have the opportunity to enter to imagine how they lived and fought in the S. X and XI. Finally we will delight the palate with a tall wine in Bodegas Palenga. A small 4×4 tour for all audiences in wich you`ll be able to see the most representative sceneries of Guadix surroundings.


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Ficha técnica

Lugar: Olla de Guadix , Valles del Alhama y Fardes.
Fecha ideal: All year around.
Dificultad: Easy
Duración: 1/2 Day
Ratio guía/cliente: 1/6 personas
Reserva mínima: 1 persona
Accesibilidad: Contact us
Mascotas: Yes
Precio: Desde 50 €/persona
Equipamiento necesario: Sunglasses, camera, sport shoes, confortable clothes.
Servicios incluidos: Pick up and return,R.C. insurance and assistance insurance, cold drinks on tour, binoculars, maps, fauna and flora book guides….

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